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We can all
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in saving lives

Reach Wellness is a registered Non-for-Profit Organisation focused on delivering solutions dedicated to the prevention, treatment, and ongoing support of mental health as well as physical health for first responders such as but not limited to services such as Ambulance, ERP, Fire, Flying Doctors, Military Personnel and Police. 

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In the pursuit of saving

First for First Responders

Our vision is to provide an affordable, effective, and inclusive mental health support solution with programs and activities that enable first responders to receive the care and support they need to live healthy, fulfilling, purpose-driven lives for them and their families.

Supporting our hero's

Delivering purpose-led services and solutions that allow us to think and operate from a clearer perspective, rather than allowing surrounding perception to lead our decisions. Solutions that are not just for those suffering, but everyone, no matter the current situation. Reach is singularly focused on providing the tools, generating greater access to professional help and treatments as well as being included in the wider community. We encourage all first responders to live a life of authentic purpose and help to build up the fortitude to perform against the daily, monthly, and yearly challenges that face our first responders.


Latest News

Friday, 9th February, 2024

New Research Project Confirmed for Reach Wellness with world-leading MDMA-AT Treatment Partner.

Large scale trials to begin for highly promising PTSD Treatment

Reach Wellness has recently committed to a collaboration with one of the world's leading companies for MDMA-Assisted Therapy treatments, they were also the first community-based clinic to start trials of this treatment in Australia.

By supporting this research project, we will be able to validate this promising treatment solution for the thousands of First Responders currently suffering from PTSD and who
 don't have adequate treatment solutions or options. 

We all need to help those that we rely on every day in our communities to keep us safe.



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Crisis Support Helplines

Donate to Support First Responders

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