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CLR Mind's comprehensive approach to mental health involves personal development training, trauma
management and prevention techniques, treatment access, and fortitude building.



CLR Health offers a comprehensive healthcare solution that means First Responders can operate at their optimal/peak condition of health, supporting their ability to maintain their energy, focus and purpose, allowing us to ensure we are always working towards a healthier, more resilient body and mind. This is a key factor in the prevention of mental health issues. At Reach Wellness, we believe this is particularly significant for first responders, who are often exposed to high levels of stress and trauma, making them susceptible to mental health conditions such as PTSD, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.

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On the Reach Retreat, there will be 120 new chalets with one, two and three bedrooms options on 88 acres to cater for the growing number of First Responders who need to get away to a place to recharge and have a break, either on their own or with their family.
The Retreat is designed to support up to 13,000 First Responders and family members annually. We intend to have psychologists and trauma support groups available as well as medical support via the newly revamped hospital in the town.
The Retreat already has an organic farm, and a well-established orchard, fruit trees and vineyard as well as livestock. The property currently has 4 large homes and a granny flat that we intend to use immediately once all approvals are in place.



Reach Wellness Micro Communities Programs aim to promote mental well-being by pushing boundaries,
increasing resilience, and reducing loneliness.

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